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International Benchrest Match Schedule 2021

April 3, 2021100 yards (SATURDAY MATCH in deference to Easter on 4/4)
May 29, 2021FIRECRACKER 100 yards
May 30, 2021FIRECRACKER 200 yards
July 3, 2021100 Yards (SATURDAY to avoid July 4)
July 18, 2021100 yards
August 8, 2021200/100 yard one day match
August 29, 2021100 yards
September 26, 2021200 yards

For any questions regarding IBS shooting or matches, contact Greg Palman at 207-944-2369.

For a complete list of all registered IBS matches follow the link below:


Augusta Capital City Rifle and Pistol match schedule did not get posted to IBS calendar, Bellow are their scheduled Registered Match Dates.

I am awaiting an explanation but know that Capitol City’s score schedule did not get included in the posted schedule on the IBS website.  Capitol City is having a score schedule and the dates are listed below:

May 1-2100/200 yard
June 26-27100/200 ME State Championship
August 1100 yard
Sept. 19100 yard